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Bevin Akers นักวาดรูปการ์ตูนลายเส้นระบายสีจากเคนซัส-อเมริกา (

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Bevin Akers แนะนำตัวกับชาวหรอยกู :
My name is Bevin Akers and I have a BA in Art with a focus in painting. During my last year of college I switched over to digital painting and I've found I really enjoy it. One of my goals is to have a few pieces of mine in ImagineFX or Expos?.

I'm looking to learn more about rendering skin better, since my palettes are a bit muddy at times, how to better see and understand color, since my values aren't balanced I've noticed and it tends to stay in the mid-range, and how to integrate the figure with the background better. I primarily use Photoshop but I'm also trying my hand at Corel Painter because I want to mimic traditional media in a digital fashion.

I look forward to your critique.

This is one of my first digital paintings.

Elora, 2008. (

Contest Entry for ImagineFX, 2010. (

Daenerys Stormborn, 2010. (

Character concept, 2010. (

Sunrise, 2010. (

Shilael, 2010, redone from the 2009 piece. (

Self Portrait, 2011. (

Apple Study, 2012. (

Commission, 2012. (

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