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22-07-2012, 10:53
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Merve Sayar คุยกับหรอยกู :
Hi there,
I'm Merve Sayar, from Turkey. I'm thinking of applying to TAD Fall 2012 Semester, and seeking for a scholarship, if possible.
I was graduated as an interior architect, but later I realised (and it took me a long period of time of acceptance) that profession was not the perfect match for me. Drawing has always been a passion of mine. So, I decided to continue as a concept artist, which happens to be my dream job. I'm planning on working in video game development industries in the future, and specialize on concept art on character and place design. I also think that my knowledge of interior architecture would be useful in detailed place designs.

These are some works of mine. I don't have an academic or proffesional backround of drawing/illustration, thats why it took time for me to improve my skills and they only got this far in 4 years (As in digital painting)

I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks! (

Abe from Oddworld. Fanart. (
Cave design, interior view.

This one contains spoiler about the game, Portal 2. So I just gave the link. Click if you finished the game. ( (
Personal work. Pictures the theme, 'Incision'. (
Chinese dragon. (
A scholar mage, elf.;P.gif (
Realistic drawing of a mammoth. (
A face reference was used during the painting of this work. (
I know that this one needs anatomical corrections.;P.gif (
A concept work of a dragonland. Done for a game company in Turkey.