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คุณ Simon Lissaman แนะนำตัวกับหรอยกู :
My name is Simon Lissaman. I am a concept designer with and have been working in games since 2000,
with some experience in book illustration and film pitch work. I want to get a job on the Doctor Who art team
or a movie and am currently tuning my folio with that in mind. I'm self taught, still learning and striving to be my best.
These images represent the state of my art.

Venom FA - 3
Near future fighter aircraft concept done in Sketchup and Photoshop. (

Vengeance GTO
Original design 1970's style muscle car. Exercise in perspective section construction using Photoshop. (

Ice Warrior and Cyberman Redesigns
These pieces were prepared for a folio submission to the BBC. They are redesigns of the Ice Warrior and Cyberman creatures from Doctor Who. Photoshop. ( (

Model sheet done for the cancelled Sin City video game. Photoshop. (

Concept illustration for the Brother Mercy character from the cancelled Sin City video game. Photoshop. (

Personal work. Photoshop. (

Character design for a video game. Photoshop. (

Krass Knight
Character concept for a video game. Photoshop. (

Creature design. Photoshop (

Red Lantern Room
Environment design for a video game project. Sketchup and Photoshop. (
Simon Lissaman

If you like what you?ve seen here and would like to talk to me, then you can Email me, with ?Website Enquiry? in the subject field (business enquiries only, please).

I am based in Melbourne, the southern seat of the Australian computer games industry. I have ten years experience in games.

I have worked on the following published titles;

World of Outlaws Sprint Cars (Xbox 360, PS3 THQ 2010)
Heroes Over Europe (Xbox 360, PS3, PC Ubisoft 2009)
Go Ollie (PC, Charlie Dog Games, 2008)
Fuso Truck Empire 1 & 2 (PC, Subversive Games, 2007 & 2008)
Fishie Fishie (PC, Wii, Farbs, 2007)
Hot Wheels Bash Arena (Micro Forte 2002)
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (Micro Forte 2001)

I have also worked on numerous pitch demos and some titles currently under development.

Outside of the computer games sphere, I have provided artwork for film projects, RPG rulebooks and trading card games.

My clientele includes;

? Steve Jackson Games
? Fantasy Flight Games
? Solid LA
? Thinking Man Studios
? Charlie Dog Games
? Paradise Arts UK
? Farbsco
? ACTsplosive Pty Ltd

In 2004 and 2005 I was the Master of Ceremonies at the Australian Games Developers Conference and was asked to perform the same role at the inaugural Game Connect Asia Pacific conference in 2006.